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Judge Gives Robin Williams’ Family Time to Settle Estate Dispute

Daryll Pomey Orat - Thursday, March 05, 2015

A judge recently gave the widow of actor Robin Williams and his children time until June 1 to settle their current dispute over several of his belongings in his estate.

As part of his will, his wife will continue to reside in the couple's home in California, while a Napa Valley estate, has been left to the children. The home is currently on the market.

However, the dispute is over many of the star’s personal belongings, including antiques, collectibles, and other memorabilia that he had collected over the years. Although, he had crafted a will that clearly designated which of the items should go to his wife, and which of the photographs and other memorabilia from before his marriage should go to the children, it seems that it couldn't prevent a dispute.

Williams also established a trust which describes the items that he wanted to pass on to his children, including jewelry and photographs taken before his marriage to his wife and his clothes. However, his wife was left the rest of the contents of the California home. It is the contents of the California home that the dispute seems to involve. The widow alleges that the children want to take some items in the California home that she believes that the actor left for her.

Williams probably believed that he had an airtight will, and therefore, there would be no dispute after his death, but that is not what has happened. The dispute now seems to involve what kind of items of personal property should be included under the term “memorabilia.” His wife believes that the memorabilia should only include the pieces of personal property that related to his acting career, while his jewelry should exclude his watch collection.

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